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Matthew R. Evich, MA, LMHC

Adult Services

I have found working with adults that sometimes those very things that give us troubles today have their roots in our childhood and prevent us from succeeding as adults.  I have specialized training in cognitive behavioral therapy and in EMDR.

I provide services for:



"The cognitive model proposes that distorted or dysfunctional thinking (which influences the patient's mood and behavior) is common to all  psychological disturbances.  Realistic evaluation and modification of thinking produce an improvement in mood and behavior.  Enduring improvement results from modification of the patient's underlying dysfunctional beliefs."
                                    (Judith Beck)

"EMDR is used to 1) help the client learn from negative experiences from the past; 2) desensitize present triggers that are inappropriately distressing; and to  3) incorporate templates for appropriate future action that allows the client to excel individually within his/her interpersonal system."
                            (Francine Shapiro)